What is a part-time course of study?

Part-time study programmes are specific programmes that take into account the particular situation of working people. They are organised in such a way that they are compatible with full-time employment. Presence phases are limited to the justifiable minimum. These take place as full-day block events. In addition, the professional activity is integrated into the studies (e.g. in the form of project work).

Why do I have to pay fees for part-time studies?

Fees are charged at Bavarian universities for extra-occupational studies. These fees are calculated in such a way that they cover the additional costs arising from the special form of organisation. The fees therefore vary from programme to programme. In the part-time continuing Master's programmes, tuition fees are charged on a full-cost basis.

Is it possible to study without Abitur?

Yeah, that's possible. You can also study certain courses without the Abitur! This requires a completed vocational training plus 3 years of work experience or a further education examination. We will be happy to inform you about your individual possibilities!

What is a Bachelor?

The Bachelor's degree is an academic degree and usually the first degree of a staged study programme. The standard period of study is three to four years.

What is a Master?

The Master is an academic degree. Master's programmes require a Bachelor's degree or a comparable degree and can deepen the previous programme or open up new areas of knowledge; either directly after or after an interruption. As a rule, the study period is two years, the Master's degree enables a subsequent doctorate.

What is a module study?

With this special form of study, you do not matriculate in one course, but only book individual modules.

What is a certificate course?

A course is a continuing education course that does not lead to a formal qualification. After passing the examination, the participants receive a university certificate. In some cases it is possible to have these achievements credited to a course of study.

How to apply?

For all degree programmes, timely application via the online applicant portal is required. Please note the relevant application deadlines!