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Christlicher Feiertag. Nur in Augsburg (Bayern)

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Mariä Himmelfahrt

Christlicher Feiertag. Nur im Saarland, in Bayern nur in Gemeinden mit überwiegend\r\nkatholischer Bevölkerung.

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Solar Power with Photovoltaics

Workshop Photovoltaics
Workshop Photovoltaics
Workshop Photovoltaics
Workshop Photovoltaics
Workshop Photovoltaics
Workshop Photovoltaics


Students will deepen their knowledge in the field of photovoltaics. They will learn to asses the influence of orientation, temperature, partial shading and other mismatch mechanisms and design a simple software-based plant layout and evaluate its economic efficiency.

All learning assets are based on self-conducted experiments and investigations executed partly in labs, partly as outdoor research. 

Experiment results will regularly be presented and discussed in plenary sessions. Thus the students’ ability to give presentations will be improved.

The session will be rounded off by a technical excursion introducing the students to further practical aspects of applied photovoltaics.

The main contents of the single practical experiments are:

- Solar insolation, Three-Component-Model
- Measurement of U-I curves using different methods
- Analysis of the effects of partial shadowing scenarios
- Evaluation of potential locations for application
- Plant design with regard to technical and economical aspects
- Evaluation of data gained from a commercial photovoltaic plant, fault analysis
- IR based fault analysis of single modules

For more details see course description.


  • Professor Georg Rosenbauer, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Professor Mathias Moog, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany