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Corporate Performance Measurement

Workshop CPM
Workshop CPM
Workshop CPM
Workshop CPM


The lecture deals with the improvement of a company's  performance and profitability as a tool for corporate management. We focus on the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM, aka Key Performance Indicators). 

It shows why the implementation of a CPM and the monitoring of corporate performance in a company are neccesary at all, and illustrates the specific requirements for its conception, construction and operation. In addition to theory about usefullness and types of a CPM, it contains the presentation of suitable tools to generate appropriate data. All in all, it is most important to induce a fundamental understanding of the topic, especially that a successful CPM also requires a specific management system, i.e. a structured policies and procdures framework and appropriate measures for this specific company. The performance of the company as well as its strategy, goals, indicators and measures must be specifically defined, transported, prepared, communicated and derived from this management model.

Given that the students are in charge of designing, implementing or operating a CPM someday themselves, exactly those topics will on the agenda. We are using the most common management system, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). In form of a hands-on seminar, the students will learn how to build, operate and communicate such a well-defined BSC on the basis of different performance perspectives as well as to apply it to specific company departments. 



  • Professor Tim Pidun, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany