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„Gesundheit 4.0? Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf das Gesundheitswesen und ein selbstbestimmtes Leben im Alter.“

Beginn: 18.00 Uhr, Hörsaal 70.1.4, Hochschule Ansbach
Referenten: Prof. Renate Hermann, Prof. Dr. Ing. Helmut Roderus

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Informationsveranstaltung für den Studiengang Kreatives Management / Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Am Samstag, den 26. März 2019 um 18.30 Uhr bieten wir Ihnen die Gelegenheit, sich persönlich über den MBA Studiengang Kreatives Mana...

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Tag der offenen Tür und Studieninformationstag am Samstag, 30. März

Wo soll ich studieren? Und was? Wenn Sie sich das auch fragen, sind sie am 30. März zwischen 10:00 und 14:30 Uhr bei u...

student Tommi Haapaniemi
student Tommi Haapaniemi

Tommi Haapaniemi, ERASMUS-Student from Finland

I studied media at the University of Ansbach in the summer term of 2017. The reason why  I chose Ansbach was because I was really interested in living in Germany and Ansbach has a cooperation with my university. It also has a good reputation in Finland.

Even though the city seemed to be small, I decided to go to Ansbach.  In the end Ansbach and Germany were exactly the right decision for me. The courses were interesting and I made a lot of local friends which in my opinion is one of the main aims of an Erasmus exchange. Ansbach as a city is not boring at all. There are a lot of house parties going on and bars also arrange techno parties in Ansbach as well. Also Nuremberg is close if you are in need of a bigger city sometimes.

Definitely I recommend internationals to get together with locals which is not very hard in Ansbach, because everything has a familiar atmosphere.  I think the classes are good and level of media studies is quite high. So it is an opportunity to get some real technical progress. It is certainly an advantage to speak at least a bit of German before you get there. That would make everything much easier since there are only few courses in the media sector that are taught in English. I managed to do the courses in German with the help of my German friends.

ERASMUS-Student Attila Szesztay
ERASMUS-Student Louise Guillon

Louise Guillon, ERASMUS-Student from France

From October 2016 until January 2017 I studied at University of Ansbach. Although my time in Ansbach was quiet short, it was an amazing experience!

During the week I spent a lot of time in classes or the library. Also I was able to do a lot of other things which is exactly the reason why it is great to study in Ansbach. The international Office, the students union and the students themselves organized a lot of different events, parties, trips and intercultural exchanges. For example I visited Prag, the Oktoberfest in Munich and the Christmas Market in Nürnberg, which is really beautiful. Besides you can use a lot of different sport activities, for example I played Badminton, I often went to “GetToWorkout” and I highly recommend everyone to try out “Jump’n’Run”.

For me it was important to meet new people from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Which I did. One year ago I could have never imagined that I would be able to talk to Chinese students on a Campus in Germany in German. I think this is real intercultural exchange.
The Ansbach University of Applied Science offers their students the opportunity to truly integrate into the German culture and allows them to fully enjoy their time in Ansbach.

What was special? Well, to me the question is what was not special? The whole Erasmus experience is a chance which I think everybody should experience. I did not only find good friends, but also a great community and competent professors.

So my last advise for you: be surprised by this small, but charming University.




Manuel Zumaya Robles, student from Mexiko
Manuel Zumaya Robles, student from Mexiko

Manuel Zumaya Robles, ERASMUS-Student from Mexiko

This cultural exchange experience is something that I always wanted - to live and learn from and in a different culture.

Through the time I prepared myself to be here. When I was 15 years old I started taking German language courses. After a while I knew that I wanted to live this international experience in Germany. I tried different ways to be here, by international club programs and others, but then I saw a poster of Hochschule Ansbach in my University in Mexico and I chose this option. I thought that it was a very good option because I always preferred to come to the south of Germany and it’s better for me to study in a place like Ansbach because is not a stressful place and you learn more, and then I waited until the University accepted me.

When I received the letter of acceptance I was so happy because I never imagined that this dream can came true. I arrived in Germany in September 12 in Munich.  I met many nice people, I learned about European and German culture in different ways, I improved my English and German, I traveled to many interesting places in this country and others. Knowing ideas that inspired me to have a clear panorama of what I want to do in my future and value of what is important in life.


This decision was the best option for me in order to be a better person and have a bigger international vision. I recommend to all international students to have this kind of experiences, because you grow in different ways and it’s something that will help you to find your life way. Germany is a great country that I will never forget – especially his culture and lovely people.