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Erasmus+ Studies (SMS)

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You can spend part of your studies abroad at another European university. The mobility does not only deepen one's social and cultural competencies but also helps improve one's language skills. In addition, one can get to know the academic system of a different country as well as new study and teaching methods and broaden one's horizon.


  • Mobility grant of minimum 150,- Euro per month
  • No study fees at the host institution
  • Academic coordinator at the host institution and Ansbach University of Applied Sciences
  • Support in planning your mobility
  • If possible, financial support for language courses before the mobility
  • Academic recognition of the study outcomes that are agreed upon in the Learning Agreement

Often there are specific events for Erasmus students like language courses and orientation events. Many universities also reserve a certain number of rooms in the student residence for Erasmus students. 

What can I expect as an Erasmus grant beneficiary? What is expected of me?

The ERASMUS Student Charta informs about rights and obligations.You can find all information about Ansbach University of Applied Sciences in the Key Data Sheet.

Taking part in the ERASMUS Programme

Taking part in Erasmus is possible several times:

  • in the first study cycle, i.e. Bachelor cycle (for a maximum of 12 months)
  • in the second study cycle, i.e. Master cycle (for a maximum of 12 months)
  • in the PhD cycle (for a maximum of 12 months)

A combination of study and practical semesters is possible.

For how long can I go abroad?

You can go abroad with Erasmus from 3 months (minimum) to 12 months (maximum).

Who can take part?


  • who are enrolled as degree-seeking student at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (no exchange students)
  • whose studies lead to an officially recognized degree
  • who have finished the second semester of their programme when the Erasmus mobility starts (does not apply to students in the Master's degree)

Important information for third-country nationals

Nationals of all countries can receive an Erasmus grant. However, it is mandatory that the applicant is a degree-seeking student and spends one full study cycle at the Hochschule Ansbach, i.e. not an exchange student.

Please make sure to get the necessary information on the visa regulations of the respective country well in advance. The information is available at the consulate or embassy of the respective country.

Requirements the host institution has to meet:

  • Having an Inter-Institutional Agreement with Ansbach University of Applied Sciences
  • Holding a European Certificate for Higher Education (ECHE)

Additional Information


General information concerning Erasmus+ mobilities

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