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ERASMUS+ Mobility for Training (STT)

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Erasmus+ supports staff mobilities for training purposes. Mobilities with Erasmus should support or strengthen the internationalisation of the sending institution.

The training can take place at either a partner university with European Certificate for Higher Education (ECHE) or at another institution which is situated in a programme country, and specialised on the labour market, education, vocational training or youth.


  • The duration of the training has to be from two days (minimum) to up to two months (maximum - excluding travel days)

Who can take part?

University staff from all areas can take part.

This means, for example, staff from: 

  • the general administration
  • the library
  • the different departments
  • the different faculties
  • finances
  • the international office
  • public relations
  • the student services
  • the technology department


The aim of an Erasmus staff mobility is to support those staff members who have direct contact with the students and whose training has a direct impact on the students (added value), f.ex. the staff from the student service as well as scientific assistance staff.

Training formats (examples):

  • Job shadowing
  • Study visits
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Language courses

The programme offers the following benefits:

  • Contribution to travel cost according to fixed rates (please see Funding)
  • Contribution to accomodation expenses according to fixed rates (please see Funding)
  • Staff with special needs can apply for additional funding


  • exchange of good practices and methods
  • gaining new perspectives
  • supporting the mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff through intercultural training
  • strengthening one's own competencies
  • development and strengthening of networks
  • development of cooperations between Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and companies

Important Advice

The International Office's funds are limited for staff mobility.

In accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission, mobilities which support the development of cooperations or have a positive effect on the strategy of internationalisation of both, the sending and receiving institution have to be given preference over other mobilities. Furthermore, mobilities which have a positive effect on the exchange of teaching contents and methods should be supported. The added value of the mobility for the students is especially taken into consideration. Mobilities for training purposes should be prioritized over other mobilities, when they have a direct positive impact on the services offered for students.

In general repeated mobilities are possible. However, those colleagues who have not yet been on an Erasmus mobility have to be given preference.

The work group for international matters (Arbeitskreis Auslandsangelegenheiten) chooses the participants for the programme. 

There is no entitlement to funding.


For further information please see the following pages:

For the necessary documents see

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