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ERASMUS+ Internship (SMP)

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Students or graduates can benefit from a funding by the Erasmus Programme for an internship or practical semester. Both mandatory and voluntary internships can be funded.


  • Mobility grant of minimum 250,- Euro per month
  • Contract for the internship between the home university, the company and the student
  • Mentor at the home university and the enterprise
  • Support in planning the mobility
  • If possible, financial support for language courses before the mobility
  • Academic recognition of the internship (Diploma Supplement, ECTS, Europass)
  • Fixed internship programme through Training Agreement
  • Additional grants for students with special needs

What can I expect as an Erasmus grant beneficiary? What is expected of me?

The ERASMUS Student Charta informs about rights and obligations.

Further information regarding ERASMUS+ Internship is available at www.eu.daad.de/studierende

Taking part in the ERASMUS Programme

Taking part in Erasmus is possible several times:

  • in the first study cycle, i.e. Bachelor cycle (for a maximum of 12 months)
  • in the second study cycle, i.e. Master cycle (for a maximum of 12 months)
  • in the PhD cycle (for a maximum of 12 months)
  • or after graduation (if the contingent of the previous study period has not been used up)

A combination of study and practical semesters is possible.

For how long can I go abroad?

With the Erasmus Programme you can go abroad  from 2 months (minimum) to 12 months (maximum).

Who can take part?


  • who are degree-seeking students at Hochschule Ansbach
  • or graduates, whose internship ends at the latest one year after the end of their studies (see Graduates)
  • and whose studies lead to an officially recognized degree

Important information for third-country nationals

Nationals of all countries can receive an Erasmus grant. However, it is mandatory that the applicant is a degree-seeking student and spends one full study cycle at the Hochschule Ansbach, i.e. is not an exchange student.

Please find out the necessary information on the visa regulations of the respective country well in advance. The information is available at the  consulate or embassy of the respective country.

Please inform yourself about the visa or work permit requirements of the country you plan your internship in.

Students who are principally resident in another country than Germany cannot do an Erasmus funded internship in that country. 

Requirements for the internship:

  • Fulltime internship (approx. 40h/week)
  • Relevant for study programme and job opportunities
  • Internships in institutions and agencies of the European Union (including national agencies which administer EU programmes) are not eligible for funding
  • Internships in German cultural institutions (f.ex. Goethe Institut) and other public institutions of the home country of the applicant can only be funded when the internship fulfills the criteria of transnationality and intercultural learning

Combination of Erasmus+ Studies and Erasmus+ Internship
(for shorter internships in combination with a study mobility)

If you plan a study term abroad as an Erasmus beneficiary in combination with an internship which is shorter than 2 months, you can receive a grant in the form of an extension of the mobility grant for studies.

The internship has to start right before or after the study term and has to be under supervision of the partner university, i.e. be a part of the Erasmus Learning Agreement. The internship has to be in the same country like the partner university. Support can be granted for a maximum of 12 months.

Additional Information

General Information concerning Erasmus+ mobilities

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