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Library Research Tips

Book Searches/Transregional Catalogues
Bavarian Library Network: This site allows you to search numerous library catalogues in Bavaria and Berlin-Brandenburg at the same time. You can also order the items you find directly through interlibrary loan.

Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue: The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK) is a meta catalogue (ordering materials is not possible) that allows you to search library catalogues and booksellers' trade lists in Germany and abroad.


Article and Essay Searches
Database-Infosystem (DBIS): The Database-Infosystem (DBIS) is a database directory. You can use it to search for a specific database or search for databases in a certain subject area. Some databases allow you to search articles directly.


Journal Searches
Catalogue (OPAC):
When conducting a journal search, it is particularly helpful if you restrict your search under the tab "Limit Search" and select "Newspapers/Journals" from the dropdown menu "Publication Type".

Electronic Journal Library (EZB): The Electronic Journal Library (Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek, EZB) contains over 90,000 academic journal articles that you can access online. You can search for journals in the EZB, then you can search the journal itself for specific essays or articles.

Journal Database (ZDB): The Journal Database (Zeitschriftendatenbank, ZDB) provides a record of journals and newspapers in German libraries, but it does not give information about the articles.

Print newspapers
The library has a collection of national newspapers. The current week's issues can be found in the general reading room in the newspaper reading section.

Digital Newspaper Searches
Many newspapers provide searchable full-text articles online. The University often purchases campus licenses for them (IP check, no password required). A list of available newspapers can be found in the Database-Infosystem.

wiso praxis presse: The "WISO" database allows you to search daily and weekly periodicals from the German-speaking world, including many with access to full texts.

Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK):
The Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) is a classification scheme used to catalogue library resources based on subject and content. The RVK attempts to organize each individual academic subject with the help of a notation system that uses letter and number combinations to indicate the categories of knowledge within different fields. The notation used by the RVK can help you find research literature on a specific topic.

University Publication Server "ANNE": The University publication server is the Ansbach University of Applied Services repository for its growing collection of academic publications. With the publication server the Ansbach University of Applied Services library provides support to researchers with getting their work published.




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