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Unfold creativity

The quantum leap of a creative idea is generated via the central path of intuition!

The key to intuition lies within us!

From A to Z the MBA program is set up in a way that students benefit from the opportunity of personal development in each module. This builds a solid foundation of true leadership skills.

Based on over 100 Marketing projects the University of Ansbach has developed a unique cream5 phase model for a successful approach of marketing management.

The core of this creative and innovative leadership philosophy is a holistic idea of mankind with functional, methodical, social, personal and intuitive skills. This idea of mankind is reflected in the Ansbach model of competencies.

Join us

Target audience:

The executive MBA Creative Marketing Management not only is a logical continuation of the classic BA studies but also addresses high performing executives, who are open to innovative ways of thinking. Creative Marketing (CREA MARKETING) stands for a new, sustainable and creative approach in thinking, leading and acting.


A mutual creative base is built in the first semester.

In the second semester an extended consciousness and intuitive skills are being trained.

Through an interdisciplinary approach these newly trained skills will be applied to a practical business approach in the third semester.

An in depth intuitive training and the master thesis are core of the forth semester.

4th sem.

Master module Mental intuitions training

Master Thesis Individual creation process

3rd sem.

Module 9 Intercultural communication (in English)  

Module 10 Art and design

Module 11 Multimedia Communication

Module 12 Presentainment

2nd sem.

Module 5 Western and Eastern influence in management

Module 6 Intuition

Module 7 Perception and mental training

Module 8 Systemic Marketing Constellations

1st sem.

Module 1 Creative Marketing Management

Module 2 Individual and team; Ansbach Competency model

Module 3 Creative Market Research

Module 4 Creativity and idea management

Field of study
Creative Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Executive Master Program

Didactic approach
Study centered teaching and learning methods

Presence times type A
Friday pm and full day on Saturday

Presence times type B
5 consecutive days (1 week) per semester

Regular length of study
4 semesters

90 ECTS credits after successful completion

Maximum number of participants
15 students

For 4 semesters a total of € 15.000

Beginning of program: March 15 or October 1
Registration: November 2 - December 15 or May 2 - June 15