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Specialist Journalism at Ansbach University of Applied Science

Becoming a specialist in seven semesters

Specialist Journalism in Ansbach is a unique course of study in the whole of Germany. You are taught about all kinds of media ranging from newspapers, radio and television to online productions during seven semesters. 

Renowned professionals train you all the way. Our finished products are magazines and online formats. We have modern methods and equipment such as writing workshops, cameras, cutting rooms and a professional television studio. Besides practical training we find responsibility in journalism very important. In times of digitalisation and changing business models our team in this course of study finds high quality journalism imperative. Reflective modules such as media ethics are just as much part of the study plan as is thorough research. 

Furthermore what makes Specialist Journalism in Ansbach stand out most are its majors. While concentrating on their editorial departments and new innovative topics students also concentrate on a chosen subject before taking part in an internship at an editorial office or media enterprise. Our graduates are highly flexible and competent due to their great amount of practical experience and specialised knowledge.


  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • Standard period of Study: 7 Semesters
  • Start of Studies: Winter Semester
  • Admission Restrictions: Numerus Clausus




Studiengangleitung RJO
Prof. Dr. Ismeni Walter
Prof. Dr. Thomas Liesen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Liesen
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-525
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-188
Room 92.1.1
nach Vereinbarung
Renate Böttcher
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-141
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-142
Room 54.1.10
Persönlich nur mit Termin!




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