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Multimedia and Communication

Programme Description

Multimedia and communication means diversity. In the media industry of the future there will be huge opportunities available to those who are not only accomplished in their area of specialisation, but are also proficient in all the fundamental media fields.

This diversity is reflected in our programme of study. In the first two semesters, students are given a broad, basic training in a range of areas. This knowledge is built on in the following semesters, and students gradually specialise in the third, fifth and sixth semesters. 

Grafik Studienplan Muk
Course overview

The Basics

The basic training in the first two semesters provides fundamental knowledge in all the areas relevant for a job in the media. The Multimedia and Communication course takes the diversity of the media industry into consideration, incorporating not only the fundamentals of media technology, design and computer science, but also of content, film/sound and 2D/3D graphics.

The third semester offers the chance to build on this basic knowledge and to specialise for the first time according to your own talents and interests. Out of a large selection of options, students must choose 4 modules from at least 3 of the following areas: design; graphics; film and sound; media technology; computer science; and content.

The third semester is also a suitable time to undertake a period of study at a partner university abroad. 

Multimedia means variety. This is achieved through a rich selection of core elective modules.   

Possible modules are, for example (list is subject to change): 

  • Web CMS and web publishing
  • Media didactics and e-learning
  • Interactive media installation
  • DRI photography
  • Multimedia projects
  • University magazine ‘Kaspar’
  • Electronic music
  • Video podcasting
  • Documentary film
  • Panorama photography
Grundlagen 1. bis 3. Semester
The basics - 1st to 3rd semesters


In the fourth semester, emphasis is placed on practice. This is essential in the rapidly developing media profession, and previous experience has shown that the broad range of knowledge gained by students in the first three semesters is much valued by companies.

The organisation of suitable internships is facilitated by close links with companies and through our online portal.


Specialisation in the fifth and sixth semesters is achieved through the selection of two key areas. The following key areas are currently on offer: 



Schwerpunktmodule im 5. und 6. Semester
Majors in the fifth and sixth semesters


Major optional compulsory modules compliment the individual courses offered.

Major optionial compulsory modules


In the fifth and sixth semesters, students are also taught business and managerial competence through modules in media law, media marketing and economics. The Bachelor thesis (final project) and Bachelor seminar in the seventh semester complete the programme of study.