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The program for the top athletes follows the academic vision of the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach:  Create Your Future - Widen Your Horizon - Experience Innovation -Use Modern Technologies - Find New Perspectives. You define your own limits - we just provide the support you need to broaden your knowledge and to create new perspectives for your future. 

The content of the studies correspond to a sophisticated curriculum of “international management”. The international orientation is reflected by offering a group of courses on international topics and the fact that many of the courses are conducted in English (see marking of the courses: G=German, E=English, G/E=German or English). The linguistic proficiency of English is being obtained or extended, respectively in the Course English-1. At the end of this course the students acquire the internationally recognized TOEIC-Certificate (TOEIC = test of English for international communication).

Content of studies attended by all students:

  • Professional skills (Economics, Business Administration)
  • Hard skills (Quantitative methods & IT)
  • Soft skills (Organization and Communication)
  • International Management
  • Sports Management
  • Practical project (students work individually or in groups on a solution to a topical project of a company ; the project provides the students an extensive insight into the reality of an organization and provides them with the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice)
  • Bachelor thesis (scientific paper)

According to their personal interests, the students can select among three optional majors and extend their knowledge in one of the following:

  • Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
  • E-Business & Multimedia
  • Sportjournalism Print Media & Television


Module Organization
Selfmanagement (G)
Academic Work 1 (G)
Teambuilding (G)
Module Economics 
Micro-Economics and Macro-Economics (G)
Module Business Administration
Business Administration & Organization (G)
Accounting & Controlling (G)
Marketing (G)
Logistics (G)
Human Ressource Management (G)
Business Law (G)
Business Simulation (G)
Module Quantitative Methods & Tools
Business Mathematics & Statistics (G)
Business Information Systems (G)
Office-Applications and Tools (G)
Modul Communication
English 1 (E)
English 2 (E)
Module Business Administration Special Topics
Organizational Behavior & Leadership (G/E)
Strategic Management (G/E)
Project Management (G/E)
Modul Sport Management
Sport Management (G)
Sport Marketing & Event Management (G)
Modul International Management
International Economics (G/E)
International Accounting Standards (G/E)
International Finance (G/E)
International Marketing (G/E)
International Business Law (G/E)
Intercultural Communication (G/E)
International Business (G/E)
Module Electives
Elective 1 (G/E)
Elective 2 (G/E)
Elective 3 (G/E)
Elective 4 (G/E)
Elective 5 (G/E)
Elective 6 (G/E)
Module Practice Semester
Practice Project (G/E)
Module Scientific Semester 
Academic Work II (G/E)
Bachelor Thesis (G/E)
Kolloquium of the Bachelor Thesis (G)














The program combines the advantages of a distance education program with those of regular resident program. It is designed to enable students to complete the program within 10 semesters and approximately 75 days of presence at the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach. The students have the option to select from a wide range of residencies in order to make it easier for the students to combine it with their sports.

The students can spread courses flexibly over the semesters and thereby, for instance, attend in one semester courses for which they need to attend one 4 day residency whereas they may choose in the following semester courses requiring a presence of 12 days. Due to this flexibility in the organization of the program students can decide by themselves whether they finish their studies within the minimum time or stretch the duration.

Basically, each course requires a defined amount of learning which is measured in credit points, according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). One ETCS-credit corresponds to 20 to 30 hours of students work to achieve the defined learning objectives for each course. The system of credit transfer facilitates the comparability of courses offered by universities. Hence, courses that are completed at the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach can more easily be acknowledged by other universities, in case students wish to continue their studies at a different university.

Each course requires a total of approximately 100 to 120 hours of work, which is a roughly estimated amount of time, variing according to the students´ individual capabilities and previous knowledge.

As soon as students enroll for a course they receive the description of the course as well as some further material. The description of each course contains its specific learning objectives and a timetable to inform the students when their graded deliverables (e.g. exercises, presentations, seminar papers, exam). The exercises provided during the phases of independent study are also meant to help the students assess their own progress in learning. The academic staff can be contacted by the students during this time of independent studies. Due to this organization of study the students are enabled to solidly plan their academical progress.

A decisive feature of the program are the mandatory residendies at the university in which the acquired knowledge is consolidated. Experience has shown that the combination of both independent studies and attendance studies considerably contribute to success in achieving an academical degree.

Examinations for any course can be taken monthly and are typically offered the day prior to the start of a residency. Students can register for their examination any of the six subsequent months after the final residency of a course. This flexibility allows the students to select a date that allows them to prepare for the exams and to minimize potential conflicts with their obligations as top athletes. Hence, the students can decide for themselves how fast or slowly their courses are going to be completed.

Students are supported by the university at any time (see section “people”). Furthermore, the e-learning portal offers a forum to the students in which they are able to communicate in learning groups or with individuals. We attempt to create the conditions for a successful completion of the study program.