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Welcome to the Bachelor of Arts in International Management

Bild Professor Dr. Bernd Heesen

I am pleased that you are interested in our academic program „Bachelor of Arts in International Management“. The studies combine the advantages of distance learning with those of residencies on campus (Blended Learning). This program is a unique offering in Germany regarding its focus on the needs of national top athletes.

It can often be read in press reports that “Top athletes are being let down after the end of their career”.  Many top athletes are without a professional perspective after their career in sports if they have not prepared themselves for the time thereafter.  It is a challenge for top athletes to perform well in competitions while simultaneously participating in a traditional educational program.

The concept of our course of studies enables athletes to obtain an academic degree during their ongoing sports career.

The University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach is a young and innovative public university in Bavaria. Generous premises, a well equipped library, a language laboratory, computer rooms and a television studio provide a perfect setting for studying during the time the students are on campus. For the time off campus our students benefit from the E-Learning platform that provides access to class materials and offers a communication channel for students and faculty. One component is our online library with its supply of more than 3000 full-text magazines that are available anytime and anywhere. With these amenities, the program caters to the busy schedules of the top athletes.

Besides the international orientation of the curriculum there are lectures on topics specifically relevant for the athletes like sports-management, sports-marketing, event management and media courses which prepare the athletes for professions in that field as well.

We look at the achievements of the athletes in sports with great respect. In some aspects, the athletes have developed competencies and soft skills that can be considered above average. Personal characteristics like determination, management skills like efficient time-management and the ability to perform under stress or interpersonal skills like intercultural competence and the ability to work well in teams, are often well developed by top athletes. We believe that these attributes can provide a valuable foundation for a successful academic and professional career.

It is our goal to offer a sophisticated program and the needed support for these students. By obtaining regular feedback from our students, the Olympic Centers, and our sponsors we strive to further improve the program.

After successfully completing their bachelor program, the students are qualified to participate in master degree programs.

The program is widely accepted by the athletes. A total of more than one hundred twenty students are currently enrolled in the program. We are looking forward to the kick off of the fifth class in March 2010. Trust us to prepare you for your second career after sports.

We’re ready, how about you?



Prof. Dr.(University of Phoenix) Bernd Heesen
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-371
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-202
Room 92.1.2
Di 13:15-14:15 nach Vereinbarung

Silke Brand
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-219
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-202
Room 50.2.17
nach Vereinbarung

Anja Traube
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-140
Room 54.1.14
Mittwoch - Freitag vormittags


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