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Alumni reviews

Our first postgraduate students can quoted as saying:

  • Michal S.:
    “Industrial biotechnology is very interesting career choice for me. It encompasses a very broad field of maths, physics and chemistry and of course biology. A bit of everything is included in this course of study. This keeps one’s studies exciting and varied. The introductory lectures offer a good start within the different fields. Due to the practical experience given in the labs and the independent student projects one is well prepared for one’s internship. This takes place in the sixth semester. Good contact to the professors and employees creates a good studying environment.
    This very practically oriented course of study at Ansbach University was ideal for me. It enabled me to deepen my knowledge of molecular biology at the Potsdam University where I will complete my Master in Biochemistry.”


  • Daniel Ch.:
    “My Industrial Biotechnology course of study at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences was a complete success. Besides the introductory courses in the first two semesters a wide range of core subjects are offered. Because of this wide range I was able to find my aptitudes and to strengthen them with the help of my optional courses and student projects.
    The professors were very committed and helpful. A great part of the studies consist of practical training which is completed in small groups. This means you get plenty of support and are given a lot of practical experience. The good education and practically oriented training paid off during my six month internship in the world wide largest biotechnology company - Roche. Here I was also able to complete my bachelor thesis. Due to the good education at Ansbach University I was in the position to complete my Master’s degree in biotechnology/bioengineering. I did this in cooperation with the Roche company in Freising.”
    After successful completion of the master degree program Mr. Ch. was acquired by Roche Diagnostics GmbH in a permanent position.