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Borrowing, renewals, and returning borrowed items


You can only borrow items to take them home if you can present a valid library user ID. You may borrow up to 30 media items (books) at the same time.

The loan period for books is usually 28 days (see also the notes for the shelfmarks). You can borrow books by checking them out at the self-check out station.

Important reference books and one copy of each book in the textbook collection are reserved for reference use only. Current periodicals, newspapers, and loose-leaf collections are reserved for reference use only.

If you do not return your borrowed items within the loan period, the library will send you a reminder and charge you a fee:

1st reminder EUR 7.50
2nd reminder EUR 10
3rd reminder EUR 20 (plus postage)
4th reminder for you to return the book and immediate exclusion from the library services EUR 50 (plus postage)

Please note: You will not be able to borrow, request, or renew any books until you have paid the overdue fees (either by bank transfer or with your CampusCard -- you cannot pay the fees in cash).



You can renew your borrowed items twice for a period of 28 days unless another user has requested the item.

You can use our library catalogue to view your account details and activity and you can also use it to renew your borrowed items. You cannot renew your borrowed items by telephone or by email.

Please note: The loan period for renewals may be subject to change. The library may require you to return the item at any time during your renewed loan period. Therefore we advise you to check your library account regularly.

You can only renew your borrowed items during a five day window before the end of your loan period. The end of the renewal period is then calculated based on the previous end of the loan period. Please try to renew your items 2 to 3 days before the end of the loan period. This gives you the chance to return items on time if they cannot be renewed without incurring overdue fees.

In general you can renew those items which

  • have a loan period of four weeks,
  • have not been requested by anyone else,
  • have not been renewed two times already,
  • still are within the renewal time window.

You cannot renew items for which you have already received an overdue reminder. If you have received an overdue reminder for an item you have borrowed, you will not be able to renew any of the items you currently have borrowed.

Please make sure to check in your user account whether all items you intended to renew have in fact been renewed.


Returning items:

You can return borrowed items at the self-check in station in the foyer.


The English text in this document only serves the purpose of providing information on the contents of the corresponding German text. Only the German text is legally binding.

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