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Arrangement of the Stock and Call Numbers

The holdings of the library are arranged according to the "Regensburger Verbundklassifikation" (Union classification of Regensburg) i.e. according to special subjects. In order to guarantee that each book has a certain place within its special field and thus can be found easily, each book receives an individual call number. This call number is glued to each book.

Example of a call number: 80/QC 320 J37-2(7)+2

This call number belongs to the work: Jarchow, Hans-Joachim: Theorie und Politik des Geldes. - Band 2 (volume 2) Geldpolitik . – 7th edition 1995

A call number is divided into three parts:

1. Lending Classification

The first part of the call number (in this case 80) is the lending classification (Lokalkennzeichen LKZ), which informs you about the loan regulation

Lending Classification


Loan Regulations

00, 100

Stock of the reading room

check-out period 4 weeks


Reference works, dictionaries, bibliographies

overnight check-out only


Copy for reference use only (textbook collection)

overnight check-out only


Textbook collection

check-out period 4 weeks


Newspapers, magazines

not available for check-out


Reserve collection for administration

not available for check-out

2. Notation

The system location follows behind the slash where subject related books are being brought together. This enables you to find literature on a certain subject at a distinct system location directly on the shelf. However, please note that this type of search does not include checked-out material. The search on the shelf is therefore not necessarily a complete overview of the existing books.

In reference to our example: QC 320

"Q" is the subject location for economics literature

"QC" is the subgrouping concerning economics theory

"QC 320" is the location, at which literature concerning monetary policy is placed

3. Additional Remarks

In order to assign each book to an individual location on the shelf, addditional information follows after the notation and may exist in the form of:

- coding of the author´s name (in this case: J37)

- possibly a volume numbering (in this case: -2)

- possibly an edition numbering (in this case: (7) that means this work is the 7