Study overview

Our part-time MBA programme in Creative Management we provide a broad and generalist understanding of management and expand the range of skills of the participants in order to qualify them for higher management and leadership positions in all sectors. The MBA degree is still regarded as the most attractive master's degree worldwide.

Open and innovative thinking is just as important as competence development and practical leadership skills.

Creative Management offers globally unique learning contents that make the applicant profile outstanding. Entrepreneurial creativity is becoming a success factor in shaping, developing and leading learning and sustainable organizations.

  • Future Orientation
  • Competence development
  • Innovative strength
  • Customer enthusiasm



Short formKMA
Type of studyExtra-occupational, chargeable
Standard period of study4 semester
AwardMaster of Business Administration (MBA)
Start of studiesWinter semester &
summer semester
Admission restrictions Specific
Lecture locationAnsbach
Language of instructionGerman
Course management Prof. Dr. Jochem Müller
Student advisory serviceProf. Dr. Jochem Müller
Student ServicesRalph-Peter Kappestein
Information events Date: October 20, 2020 (online) / November 24, 2020 (online) / December 15, 2020 (presence) / January 19, 2021 (presence)
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. each
Location: Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Residenzstr. 8, 91522 Ansbach, building 50, room 50.3.3

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Creative Management is accredited by the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute ACQUIN.

Accreditation certificate


The two-year part-time MBA program offers the ideal opportunity to combine your professional career with further academic training. The contents of the course are specifically geared to the development of management qualifications and personal development. Through this unique part-time study, the personality matures, and individual decision-making and leadership become more far-sighted, creative and holistic. Executives who possess creativity and innovative strength have a clear competitive advantage. Their companies become outstanding performers. This has become clear, for example, in the innovative ideas of a Steve job which have revolutionised entire industries.

A description of the individual modules can be found in our Navigator.

Advantages for companies and students

Students benefit from the personality-building content of the part-time MBA programme. In addition, the companies receive a valuable contribution to securing skilled workers and for their own employer branding. The MBA programme will be a valuable instrument for adapting to the future demands of the market:

  • Promotes creativity as the most important management qualification and increases the innovation and competitiveness of the company.
  • Enables a systematic and holistic development of employee competence and opens up development opportunities.
  • Creates increased employee loyalty through the possibility of part-time studies, especially for specialists with a Bachelor's degree and/or many years of professional experience.
  • Continuing to train proven employees from your own ranks reduces the probability of incorrectly filling an important position with an unknown junior staff member.
  • By supporting top performers to study part-time, companies can significantly improve their corporate image and increase their attractiveness as employers.
  • The extra-occupational students promote the integration of university and company and bring about a continuous exchange of knowledge between theory and practice.
  • The part-time students promote the integration of university and company and bring about a continuous exchange of knowledge between theory and practice.

Target group

The course is aimed at participants who are interested in a scientifically based but also very practice-oriented further education. It is designed as a postgraduate continuing education programme. Managers, entrepreneurs, executives, decision makers, practitioners with or without an economic background who would like to qualify for higher management tasks are in demand. Enterprises can use the MBA study as personnel development and promotion program, in order to promote their employees’’ talents and bind them to the company on a long-term basis.

Teaching Methodology and Attendance Phases

Teaching methodology

The CREA LEADERSHIP® Competence Model reflects the crucial areas of competence that managers need for the successful implementation of their management tasks. This model focuses on holistic personality development (professional, methodical, social, intuitive and personal competencies).

Based on the CREA LEADERSHIP® Competence Model, the different creative strengths of each individual can be used in a structured way in the innovation process. All five fields of competence are systematically promoted and further developed in the MBA program.

Executives are particularly challenged to create framework conditions for creative problem-solving processes. The part-time MBA course in Creative Management provides approaches and answers. Creative managers lead their companies with up to six times higher growth rates and success rates than their competitors.

The part-time MBA course in Creative Management supplements the specific initial academic training with targeted leadership training for managers and high-potential employees from a wide range of disciplines.

Attendance phases

The courses take the special situation of working people into account. The organisational effort and the limited attendance phases are perfectly adapted to the professional activities of the participants.

  • 1st - 3rd semester: per semester 13.5 attendance days + 1 block event
  • 4th semester: attendance time only during the review and to supervise the master’s thesis
  • Classes attendance days: Friday: 13.15 hrs to 19.15 hrs
  • Saturday: 9.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs
  • Block event: 3-day module

Classes take place in limited small groups and special creative rooms using state of the art teaching technology at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Some of the block events are held at external venues. Students are personally supervised throughout their studies. The first-class success rate of the course shows the excellent studying conditions.


The lectures take place in the Creativity Centre of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Special, scientifically developed teaching and learning methods are available here, which make this course unique.

Admission Requirements

Qualified persons are those with a university degree (Bachelor's, Diplom, Magister or equivalent) and at least one year's professional experience after completing their first degree or providing evidence of a relevant practical activity.

In addition, there is an aptitude test (test or selection interview) to prove the suitability for the course of study.

Proof of the required German language skills of applicants who have not acquired their study qualification at a German-speaking institution. The corresponding proof is provided by passing the German language examination for admission to higher education. German language skills are considered sufficient for the MBA programme "Creative Management" if at least DSH level 2 (DSH2) or TestDAF level 4 (TDN4) has been reached in all parts of the examination.

Dates, Registration and Fees

Summer semester: Registration is possible from 1 November to 15 January. Study begins on 15 March.

Winter semester: Registration is possible from 2 May to 15 July. Study begins on 1 October.

The application period can be extended.

Fees are charged at Bavarian universities for part-time studies. These fees are calculated to cover the additional costs arising from the specific form of organisation required. The costs per semester amount to 3,750 € tuition fees plus 52 € student union fee.

Lecture plans

The lecture plans are in German. You can find them on the German page.

Voices of our students

Stefan Brandner

Stefan Brandner

"Innovative, structured and sustainable. For me as an engineer, the right way to get an MBA."

Photo: Copyright by Jasmin Photographie

Peter Schreiber

Peter Schreiber
Business economist - Organization and process development
Schüller Möbelwerk KG

"The part-time MBA can be combined very well with job and family. Creativity and holistic thinking is needed in all situations in life. What you learn - as well as the experiences you make - broaden your perspective."

Dr. Ulrich Gabriel Strunz

Dr. Ulrich Gabriel Strunz
Managing director
Strunz GmbH

"The part-time MBA at Ansbach University was very attractive in terms of content. Creative management also corresponded thematically to my bachelor's degree in business informatics and to my professional future plans. The MBA set the course for my future doctorate and motivated me enormously to stay true to my goals and wishes. The course primarily teaches self-coaching, personal responsibility and expertise in creative management. These are the skills that I personally see - in addition to practical experience - as the most reliable recipe for sustainable decisions and smart leadership."

Photo: Copyright by Kay Blaschke

Georg Wild

Georg Wild

"Creative management is education as it should be. It's not about cramming supposedly immutable facts. The study creates personalities who are capable of shaping a future in which business and social thinking work together rather than against each other."


Ralph-Peter Kappestein

Ralph-Peter Kappestein – Leiter Studierendenservice der School of Business and Technology (SBT)

Leiter Studierendenservice der School of Business and Technology (SBT)


  • Leiter Studierendenservice der School of Business and Technology (SBT)
  • Mitglied Senat und Hochschulrat

Betreute Studiengänge:

  • Interkulturelles Management in Voll- und Teilzeit (B.A.)
  • Angewandte Kunststofftechnik (B.Eng., berufsbegleitend)
  • Strategisches Management (B.A., berufsbegleitend)
  • Wertschöpfungsmanagement (B.A., berufsbegleitend)
  • Angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz und Digitale Transformation (M.A.)
  • Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (M.Sc.)
  • Digital Marketing (M.A.)
  • Energiemanagement und Energietechnik (M.Eng.)
  • Innovation und Entrepreneurship (M.A.)
  • Internationales Produkt- und Servicemanagement (M.A.)
  • Medizintechnik (M.Eng.)
  • Multimediale Information und Kommunikation (M.A.)
  • Multimediales Didaktisches Design (M.A.)
  • Public Relations und Unternehmenskommunikation (M.A.)
  • Kreatives Management (MBA, berufsbegleitend)
  • Leadership (MBA, berufsbegleitend)
  • Zertifikatslehrgang Leadership im Gesundheitswesen

Heike Machmer

Heike Machmer – Studiengangsassistentin Kreatives Management (KMA)

Studiengangsassistentin Kreatives Management (KMA)


  • Studiengangsassistentin Kreatives Management (KMA)
  • Studiengangsassistentin Strategisches Management (SMA)

Prof. Dr. Jochem Müller

Prof. Dr. Jochem Müller – Studiengangsleiter Kreatives Management (KMA)

Studiengangsleiter Kreatives Management (KMA)


  • Studiengangsleiter Kreatives Management (KMA)
  • Professor Betriebswirtschaft (BW)
  • Leiter Controlling Forum
  • Leiter Institut für kreatives Marketing MARKETIA
  • Wissenschaftlicher Leiter Future Lab Ansbach


  • Schwerpunkt Controlling
Dr. Jürgen Rippel – Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Kreatives Marketing (KMA)

Dr. Jürgen Rippel

Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Kreatives Marketing (KMA)

0981 4877-174 50.3.5 Montag 10.30-11.45 Uhr, nach vorheriger Vereinbarung vCard

Dr. Jürgen Rippel

Dr. Jürgen Rippel – Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Kreatives Marketing (KMA)

Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Kreatives Marketing (KMA)


  • Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Betriebswirtschaft (BW)
  • Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Kreatives Marketing (KMA)
  • Wissenschaftlicher Leiter Future Lab Ansbach
  • Mitglied Fakultätsrat Wirtschaft