Study overview

The specialization Multi- and Mobilemedia basically deals with how information based on different media is managed and produced in IT systems. Tools and techniques for image processing, web programming, app programming, authoring systems, video processing and web animation are used.



Study structure

The specialisation Multi- and Mobilemedia comprises three subjects with 4 hours per week each. The subjects teach skills for the production of multimedia content and for the integration of content. In addition, a concrete project is being carried out to produce a multimedia mobile media application. The following subjects are offered:

Course MM-01: Multimedia content

  • Learning goals:

Ability to generate multimedia content. Introduction to the independent production of image, sound and video material.

  • Contents:

Consolidation of pixel-oriented image processing systems. Methods for the release of image parts, brightness and tonal value corrections as well as retouching of digital images. Application of text tools in image processing systems. Use of effects and filters to change and generate image backgrounds. Methods for digital image montage and combination with vector-oriented systems. Vector-oriented drawing systems and their components. Creative work with spline techniques. Working and orientation in 3D systems. Techniques for 3D modeling of objects. Animating and rendering 3D scenes.

Course MM-02: Authoring Tools

  • Learning goals:

Ability to use app development systems and authoring tools. Creation of competence for the selection of suitable development tools.

  •  Contents:

Definitions and requirements for development environments for multimedia applications. General development levels within multimedia projects. Exemplary representation of a development tool. Integration and control of different media via timeline oriented techniques and corresponding script languages. Use of XAML and C# to build graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Implementation of multimedia projects.

Course MM-03: Application Development Multi- and Mobilemedia

  • Learning goals:

Ability to produce a multimedia and mobile media application in a team. Identification of the specific requirements for the implementation of multimedia and mobile media projects. Knowledge of different media contents.

  • Contents:

Basic concepts of the programming language PHP. Connection between HTML and PHP. Connection between PHP and SQL databases. Generation of image files from PHP. Combination of Flash applications with PHP. Cookies and session management in PHP. Standard objects like date and time. AJAX with PHP. Web services under PHP. Generating PDF files under PHP. Development of interfaces to mobile devices. Implementation of a semester project.