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Did you learn how to drive on the backseat of a car?

Studentin auf dem Fahrersitz

If so, a big University would be the place for you. However, if you prefer sitting behind the steering wheel yourself and using the mouse and the keypad  the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach is the right choice. You do not have to share your computer with a fellow student. Here we apply „One man (or girl) - one machine". To make this possible, we arrange several small groups per course. The maximum number of participants, depending on the size of the room, is round about 20 to 25 students.  

With this group size the teacher can actively support you. He becomes your coach. If you have unsuccessfully tried to find a solution, he will come to your workplace and support you.

Should there be too many problems in one group for the teacher to cope with, there will be student tutors to help him out supporting you. Our didactical approch is interactive teaching methods, pure lectures  are passé (oder = over the hill) This means: you act- the teacher is your coach. He imparts the necessary theoretical knowledge and guides you in the application. Like in driving-school – you are steering and accelerating and every now and then the driving teacher takes over the steering wheel and corrects you. And sometimes he hits the breaks if necessary to avoid something worse to happen. But you will find the accelerator again on your own  ;-)