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BAföG-Beratung an der Hochschule

Am 23. Oktober findet an der Hochschule Ansbach ein Sprechtag der BAföG-Beratung des Studentenwerks Erlangen-Nürnberg statt. [mehr]

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„Frankreich und Deutschland nach den Wahlen - wie geht es weiter mit der EU?“

Beginn:  18.00 Uhr, Hörsaal 70.1.4, Hochschule Ansbach
Referent: Prof. Henri Ménudier

„Frankreich und Deutschland nach den Wahlen - wie geht es weiter mit der EU?“

Beginn:  18.00 Uhr, Hörsaal 70.1.4, Hochschule Ansbach
Referent: Prof. Henri Ménudier

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Creating Energy

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences works together with the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences to create this unique master degree programme.
Students graduate with the internationally recognised Master of Engineering degree (M.Eng.)

Accredited by Acquin

This master degree was accredited for the first time in February 2013. This highly qualified course of study was awarded the quality seal by the ACQUIN agency until the 30th September 2018. The accreditation confirms the high quality of this master degree and enables an international comparison upon graduation.
Accreditation certificate

If you have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in energy and environmental system engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, engineering and management, physical engineering or mathematics and science programmes this degree offers you new possibilities as an expert and manager in the energy corporation field.

For the most part you will find that your study takes place in Ansbach and partially in Nuremburg or Triesdorf. Practical training and projects can take place in the vicinity since we work together with other universities (e.g. Schweinfurt).

The modules in this course of study are taught mainly in German. Therefore, it is imperative that students are in command of the German language.


Prof. Dr. Jörg Kapischke
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-310
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-302
Room 92.1.41
Dienstag, 10:30 - 11:30 Uhr
oder nach Vereinbarung per Mail
Prof. M.Sc. Stefan Weiherer
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-320
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-302
Room 92.1.43
Donnerstag, 10.00-11.00 Uhr

der School of Business and Technology
Ralph-Peter Kappestein
Phone +49 (0)981 203633-16 oder +49 (0)981 4877-143
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-188
Room BRAUHAUS 2.01
nach Vereinbarung

Brauhausstraße 15
91522 Ansbach

Dipl.-B.-Handelswirtin (FH) Susanne Walther-Brückner
Phone +49 (0)981 4877-322
Fax +49 (0)981 4877-302
Room 92.2.42


Dozenten des Masters EMT
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