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Focus Module Technologies

Studentin Technologien

at the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach

We offer:

  • Classes by experts with ample practical experience in their fields
  • a well grounded overview over the most relevant current technologies
  • Incorporation of the newest insights developed in applied research

You work on...

  • a qualification as mediator between the areas of business and engineering
  • Technological basics for business people
  • A broad overview over manifold technologies for engineers

As of now the following courses will be offered. The students choose 6 courses out of this range of courses to cover the required workload of 15 ECTS:

  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,
  • Technologies in Microelectronics,
  • Chemical Mass Products,
  • Computer Simulation Technologies,
  • Hydrogen Supply Chain Management,
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Environmental Product Life Cycle Management

(Please note that the modules can change.)