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Life is more than just studying. The inviting-looking campus offers a pleasant and nearly informal atmosphere for our students.

In order to provide the top athletes with attractive opportunities to effectively work out even during the residencies in Ansbach, agreements were made with both a local sports club (reduced students´ fee per semester) and local fitness centers (cost-free access to the facilities).

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Despite the opportunity for full-time-students to stay at our student apartments right next to the campus this is not a suitable means of accomodation for the top athletes who are visiting Ansbach only during the residencies.

Top athletes taking part in our academic program appreciate for instance the opportunity to stay at the both economical and convenient vacation apartments at the Jahreszeitenhof.

However, for a brief stay, there are various alternatives for accomodation in Ansbach and its surrounding area in vacation apartments, hotels and guest-houses, the prices available in all price categories.