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Organising Examinations

You will find information regarding exams  here. (German)

The list of participants and room number of an exam is placed in the intranet (HRZ portal) the evening before every exam. It can be found under the menu point “Studium”.

You will find more information at exam plans and participants.

We also have an exam hotline during the exam period. (If for example, you don’t appear in the list of participants and you are sure you registered for the exam.)

Telephone number: 0981-4877-524

You can ring 30 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after an exam has started.

Should you not be able to participate in an exam due to illness you will preliminary be given the grade 5. After you have handed in your medical certificate from your doctor your grade 5 will be cancelled.

Should a student withdraw from an exam due to illness and it was the second time or more the same exam wasn’t taken due to illness, then the student needs not only a medical certificate but also an official medical report from a health officer.

Please note that when visiting the public health officer to get an official medical report you must take your medical certificate issued by your own general practitioner along with you.

Should you wish to visit the public health officer in Ansbach you will find him here:

Gesundheitsamt Ansbach
Crailsheimer Str. 64
91522 Ansbach

Tel.: 0981-468-7003
Fax: 0981-468-7019
Email: gesundheitsamt‎@‎landratsamt-ansbach.de
URL: http://www.landkreis-ansbach.de/Leben-im-Landkreis/Gesundheit-Soziales/Gesundheitsamt

Here are a couple of examples:(German)

If you take ill during an exam you must tell the person supervising the exam immediately. You should go to the doctor that day. The medical certificate must have the date of the exam on it. This also applies if you are only ill on the day of your exam and not the day before or after as well.

Should you be ill for a longer period of time make sure the day of the exam is included on the medical certificate.

Important information to avoid the grade 5

Pay attention to the deadline for handing in the application so that you do not obtain the grade 5.

Handing in the medical certificate in some cases together with an official medical report is not sufficient.! You must also fill in an application so that you not awarded the grade 5. Please use the following application! Please fill in one application for each exam. 

The application, the medical certificate and official medical report (if applicable) must be handed in within the deadline. (Originals only please)

The application should be handed in immediately or at the very latest, at the end of the week after the exam time has finished. Hand it in at the student advisory service and exam department



Important information regarding application for a time extension for an exam which should have been repeated.

Should you not be able to take part in a repeat examination due to an illness or circumstances beyond your control and should the exam have to be completed within a certain period of time a medical certificate together with an official report will not be sufficient. In this case you must fill in two applications. The application requesting that you not be awarded the grade 5 and the application to extend the deadline. Please use the following application to extend the deadline! 

If you have any questions please ring the student advisory service.




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