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A Master’s degree accentuates one’s academic education

A Master’s degree at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences requires a standard study period of three semesters.

  • A Master’s degree at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences leads to an application-oriented second degree. In order to complete a Master’s degree at least 90 ECTS credits are needed.
  • Admission requirement is a professionally qualifying university degree (e.g Bachelor’s degree). The other qualification requirements are set out in detail by our university for each degree offered.
  • Study objective is to deepen, specialise or extend the in previous studies - and possibly in professional practice - acquired knowledge and skills. This creates opportunities for students and employers alike.
  • Consecutive Master degrees - at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences are Master courses which are based on and in accordance with the Study and Examination Regulations of content in a Bachelor’s degree and fit into the time frame of 7 plus 3 semesters (i.e. no more than a normal period of 10 semesters or a total of 300 credits). Students can also study with periods of employment in-between the first and second degree.
  • Non-Consecutive Master degrees - are not connected to any previous Bachelor’s degree.
  • Further educational Master degrees - are especially aimed at people from professional life who have already completed a degree. (life-long learning)
  • Both the  consecutive and non-consecutive Master degrees at our university are awarded with a Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).
  • Completion of your Master’s degree enables you to continue studying for a PhD.