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The main goals of a Bachelor’s degree compared to the previous “Diplom” are:

  • To reduce the standard period of study necessary until one’s first university degree is completed
  • More flexibility when organising one’s course
  • To enable a goal oriented course of study
  • To enable a comparison of degrees within Europe and internationally
  • To make it easier when comparing universities
  • To support transfers between universities in Germany and abroad
  • To improve the combination of one’s profession and studies when continuing with a Master’s degree

Modules and credit points
Students can create their own study profile by combining different modules which suit their needs and course of study. Furthermore the modules form the basis of the “European Credit Transfer System” (ECTS). ECTS points measure the average amount of work a student needs to complete a module. They enable a comparison between modules and increase student mobility since modules can be compared between universities.

Duration of a Bachelor’s degree
A Bachelor’s degree at our university takes seven semesters (standard period of study).

Quality of a Bachelor’s degree
The practical training which distinguishes a course of study at our university is guaranteed during a Bachelor’s degree. Our students spend their internships in the industrial and business community. Here they learn about the different structures, administration and processes. Since our professors and lecturers have practical experience they are also able to convey their knowledge to our students. Our main goal is to help our students use the theory they learn in their studies.

Admission requirements for a Bachelor's degree

Everyone who has one of the following qualifications is entitled to study at our university:

  • Advanced technical college certificate
  • General higher education entrance qualification
  • Subject-related entrance qualification

To find out if a certificate which is not from Bavaria or from abroad is valid, you have to send it in. It is not necessary to prove any prior professional experience for any of the bachelor courses. However, we recommend you complete a voluntary internship which is related to your future course of study. The impressions you get during your internship can be of great help.

*All Bachelor degrees have restricted admission.


Applications can only be accepted if applied for online and within the deadlines. All the necessary documents have to be sent in within the deadlines otherwise applications will not be accepted as such.

Please check our homepage for any further information.

Application deadlines

New students and transfer students
For the winter semester: May 2nd – July 15th

Transfer students only
For the summer semester: December 1st – January 15th

Semesters start on:
Winter semester: October 1st
Summer semester: March 15th