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Bachelor in der Tasche – und jetzt?

Bestimmt haben Sie sich schon den ein oder anderen Gedanken über das Ende der Studienzeit gemacht und sich gefragt: Bachelor in der Tasche ...

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ANke-Themenabend: Keatives Zeitmanagement

Trotz vieler To-Do-Listen kommt die Seminararbeit nicht voran? Der Kühlschrank glänzt von innen, aber das Lernpensum ist nicht geschafft? ...

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BAföG-Beratung an der Hochschule

Am 18. Dezember findet an der Hochschule Ansbach ein Sprechtag der BAföG-Beratung des Studentenwerks Erlangen-Nürnberg statt. [mehr]

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The fees for copied pages requested via interlibrary loan are:

  • Up to 40 copied pages: EUR 1.50
  • 41 to 60 copied pages: EUR 6
  • 61 to 80 copied pages: EUR 8
  • 81 to 100 copied pages: EUR 10

There’s a field in Section 2 of the order form (“Angaben zur Lieferung”) that allows you to indicate that you will not cover any fees. However, you will have to pay the fixed fee of EUR 1.50 for orders with up to 40 copied pages.

The amount of pages is calculated based on the page numbers in the book requested. Different fees may apply for copies requested through interlibrary loan from non-Bavarian libraries.

Please note: Once you ordered copies through interlibrary loan, you will have to pay the fees. The fees will not be waived if you do not collect the copies.

If you
do not return your borrowed items within the loan period, the library will send you a reminder and charge you a fee:

  • 1st reminder EUR 7.50
  • 2nd reminder EUR 10
  • 3rd reminder EUR 20 (plus postage)
  • 4th reminder for you to return the book and immediate exclusion from the library services EUR 50 (plus postage)

If you receive more than one reminder, the fees stated in the reminders will be added up.

Please note: You will not be allowed to borrow, request, or renew any books until you have returned the overdue item and paid the overdue fees (either by bank transfer or with your CampusCard — you cannot pay the fees in cash).

Replacement fees:

  • Replacement fee for a lost locker key: EUR 7.50
  • Replacement fee for the interlibrary loan slip: EUR 5
  • Replacement for lost or damaged library items: to be determined by the library


The English text in this document only serves the purpose of providing information on the contents of the corresponding German text. Only the German text is legally binding.

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