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Statutory Accident Insurance at Universities

This Information leaflet contains information regarding statutory accident insurance for people (e.g. students, trainees, etc.) with different functions at university.

You will find official forms to register an accident here.

Bayerischer Gemeindeunfallversicherungsverband
Bayerische Landesunfallkasse

Accident Insurance Coverage during an Internship

You are insured during your internship by your employer's liability insurance per law providing your internship is in Germany.

You must insure yourself if your internship is abroad.

Health Insurance

You must inform student services if anything changes regarding your health insurance. Failing to do so can lead to you not being allowed to continue studying.

An insurance certificate is also necessary if you de-register from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and wish to register again for the following semester. If for example you wish to study a different course.

Personal Liability insurance

Our university is not liable for any damage caused by students/guest lecturers etc. If damage is caused to university property (especially in laboratories, television studio or sound studio etc.) the person who caused the damage is responsible and must pay for any damages.

Our university does not take out liability insurance for you.

It is highly recommended that students take out a personal liability insurance. Usually students are insured by their parents’ insurance.

It is important to check if the insurance you have covers damage in a laboratory, television studio, sound studio and borrowed equipment.

If this isn’t the case we recommend you take out a special insurance which covers all of the above.