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What is Re-registration?
Re-registration is required to continue studying. You must re-register for each following semester. If you fail to do so then your course of study will end at the end of the semester you are in.

Who must re-register?

Every student who wants to continue studying must re-register. Even if your following semester is an internship, a practical semester during your studies or you are taking a semester off (which has been approved) – you must re-register.

How do I re-register?

You simply pay (bank transfer) your Studentwerk fee of 42 Euros -  just like you did in your first semester. The bank transfer deadline is one month before the semester begins (14th of February for the summer semester and 1st of September for the winter semester).

Please note that you must also prove you have health insurance if you have switched to a different insurance company. You cannot be registered for the following semester without proof of a health insurance.

How do I know if I have been registered for the following semester?

Log into the intranet. If you have been registered you will be able to see a booking has taken place when you click on “Info Studienbeitrag”, you can see that the 42 Euros have been booked and that the “aktuelles Semester” is the next semester. You can also print out new enrolment receipts.

Do I have to re-register when I have given in my final paper?

You have to re-register until your final paper has been corrected and your certificate has been issued.

What happens after re-registration?

After a successful re-registration you can check your enrolment receipts, together with the new semester data from the 15th September /1st March and print them out.  Your CampusCard can be printed with the current semester data. There is a special self-service terminal and printer situated in building 50 on the first floor beside the “Rechenzentrum” for this purpose.

What happens if I don’t re-register?

If you haven’t re-registered,  we will assume that you no longer wish to continue your studies and you will be deregistered on the 1st October / 14th March.