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Leave of Absence

If you need a leave of absence during your regular studies you must apply using the correct form and within the deadlines.

The application must be in writing using the appropriate form issued by student services. It must state the reason for the application. The reason for the leave of absence must be proven by means of the appropriate documents. The university is entitled to request such documents.

The application must be submitted one month after semester begins, at the latest. If the reason which makes a leave of absence necessary occurs after this date and was not to be expected, the application can be submitted until January 25th for the winter semester or July 10th for the summer semester. A leave of absence can only be taken for one semester. A leave of absence for a semester which has already been completed is not possible.

A leave of absence can be granted when important reasons make it imperative. Studying at present would prove to be impossible. Such reasons could be:

  • Pregnancy, birth, period of parental leave (Elternzeit). The need to look after a close relative
  • Illness (written confirmation from a doctor stating that a student cannot be expected to study during the relevant semester)
  • Studies abroad
  • Completion of a voluntary internship
  • Completion of an voluntary social or ecological year (FSJ, FÖJ)

Financial reasons will not be accepted.

A leave of absence can be for two semesters at the most. Exceptions can be made for maternity leave, a care period or parental leave.

Please pay attention to the fact that while you are on leave of absence you:

  • are not entitled to attend lectures, complete courses or sit exams at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.
  • Dates for retaking failed exams must be adhered to; applications to extend these deadlines must be applied for separately.
  • If you are on maternity or parental leave academic achievement and sitting exams is possible.

Students with grants/BaföG should get in touch with student services or the person giving them a grant before they apply. If the person applying still receives child allowance they should contact the appropriate office beforehand.

Foreign students who are not members of the European Union should get in touch with the aliens office in advance to make sure it will not affect their status.