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Examination Committee

Each examination committee is responsible for one course of study only.

The have the following tasks:

  • setting the dates of exams and their disclosure,
  • appointment of examiner, co-ordination of examiner and students as well as appointing the second examiner in oral exams,
  • determination and disclosure of aids and equipment allowed in an exam. This information is determined by the examiner,
  • decisions regarding crediting of previous courses of study, exams or courses already taken and recognition of academic achievements which are similar to the course of study,
  • decisions to be made if rules have been broken regarding exams,
  • decisions to be made regarding time extensions for exams which have to be repeated,
  • assessment of exam results.



Heads of the Examination Committees

Faculty of Business and General Sciences

Business Administration:

Herr Prof. Dr. Constantin May

International Management (Spitzensportler):

Herr Prof. Dr. Wolf Knüpffer

Internationales Product and Service Management:

Herr Prof. Dr. Matthias Konle

Creative Marketing Management:

Herr Prof. Dr. Jochem Müller

Multimedia und Communication:

Herr Prof. Martin Feldmann

Specialist Journalism:

Frau Prof. M.A. Renate Hermann

Value Creation Management

Herr Prof. Dr. Constantin May 

Business Informatics:

Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Zilker



Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Biomedical Engineering:

Herr Prof. Dr. Christian Uhl 

Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering:

Frau Prof. Dr. Astrid von Blumenthal

Energy Systems and Energy Management:

Herr Prof. Dr. Jörg Kapischke

Industrial Biotechnology:

Herr Prof. Dr. Sebastian Künzel

Industrial Engineering and Management:

Herr Prof. Dr. Burkhard Götz